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Please use your own discernment.  This information may not be relevant or helpful to you at this particular time.  As you have probably heard, and will hear again, we are part of a process.  Unique, and individual to us.  So choose what resonates with you at this time, at your own discretion.

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The Triple Gateway Initiation, the Time Capsule Awakening and Stepping into your New Soul Mission

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn, posted on 27 October 2017

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Beloved Light Family, the shifts and transformations on your Earth continue to accelerate. There is much confusion and uncertainty as the old systems begin to fail and break down and the new begins to emerge into manifestation. At this stage, the collapse of the old may seem more evident than the rise of the new, but be assured that the New Earth is gaining in power as its comes into manifestation.

At this time, you are passing through what we call The Triple Gateway and the Initiation into your Augmented and Higher Soul Mission at the 11/11 Gateway on the 11th of November.

The first of these Star Gates or Stellar Portals was the 10/10 on the 10th of October. This first gate was the activation into new beginnings. Many of you felt as if you no longer were comfortable in the old reality and longed for the New Reality to become manifest. This intense discomfort and longing for the new was an indication that your Soul was in the process of the Triple Gateway Initiation.

The second Gateway on the 11th of November is the 11/11 Gateway, and it is the Gateway of Initiation in which your Soul accepts and begins to express its new or augmented soul mission on Earth. This is an important initiation in which deep levels of “old” imprints, beliefs and limitations are finally released, allowing you to fully embrace your New Reality and your new perception of yourself and your soul mission in that New Reality.

The Third Gateway is on the 12th December at the 12/12, where you gain the power to begin manifesting your life according to your new mission and within the holographic grids of the New Earth. At this time, you are free of all old perceptions and links with the past, and ready to embrace the gifts of the New Earth Future Timeline as they manifest in the present moment. You will become more aware of how these gifts are presented to you as opportunities and ideas, and you will take action on them as you create your new reality without anxiety or fear.

These three gateways will find climax and completion at the time of the December Solstice on the 21st December of 2017. At this time, Beloveds, you will be able to bring these emerging energies into balance with the Divine Light and the powerful Galactic Lights codes that emanate from the Galactic Center as it aligns with the Earth at this time.

It will indeed be a time of celebration and joy as you move forward in the spiral of creation at a higher and deeper and more profound level.

The Time Capsule Awakenings

Beloved Family of Light, there is a very powerful and beautiful energy that is moving across your planet with the Diamond Light right now. It is a gift that comes to you from a future time when Galactic Consciousness is fully anchored on the Earth and the wisdom of Time Travel and Time Creation is fully understood.

Visualize if you will, a meeting of the Planetary Council of Elders in this future time. As they review the struggles and suffering of early 21st century society, they resolve to send a Team of highly evolved spiritual warriors of light to assist in accelerating and facilitating the Ascension and Transformation process. But, they know that the only way that such an intervention may be achieved is by allowing these advanced souls to incarnate into physical bodies in this Timeline to be part of its manifestation and creation.

So, Beloveds, since 2012, among the Diamond Children who have been incarnating on the Earth, is a Team of high-level Galactic souls whose purpose is to be a “Time Capsule of Awakening”. These ones exist in both places simultaneously, as children in this reality and as adults in the future reality. They are briefly in a “suspended sleep or dream state” as they come to live out a lifetime in your era to contribute to the shift and the great awakening simply by being who they are and transmitting their advanced Energy Signature into the Collective Consciousness on Earth. Their experience on your Timeline is the length of a dream in their (future) home, as time wizards of that era know the techniques of time compression and expansion. They are not here to do anything other than to contribute a high frequency Galactic energy to the emerging timeline.

As more of them come into physical incarnation, their powerful Galactic Soul Signatures are raising frequency on the Earth. They are living embodiments of a future energy that has been placed on Earth to act as an activation in the ongoing Awakening and Transformation process.

Their presence, as it grows in power, accelerates the Awakening process on Earth. In this period after the Lion’s Gate and the Solar Eclipse in August 2017, there has been a huge awakening process that is producing a greater wave of awakening than has been experienced on the Earth before. And it us this wave of awakening that will continue into 2018.

This increase of newly awakened souls will also require an increase in those who are ready to act as guides, teachers and way showers for these ones. This means that many of you are being called to release the past and make yourselves ready for new or augmented Soul Missions, to guide these newly awakened souls into the New Earth Reality.

Stepping into your New or Augmented Soul Mission within the New Earth Reality

For those of you who have been Light Workers, Healers and Teachers for many years, there may have been a recent period of confusion where you felt unsure of what you were doing. Or you may have experienced health problems that seemed to hold you back and make you stop and rest, rather than work even when there seemed much to do.

This is an indication that your soul is urging you to stop and “down tools” while you are undergoing what might be called a “re-orientation” period that will bring you into alignment with this new direction of your soul mission for this new time.

These new missions require new perceptions of self, of how to manifest and create and how to heal and align within these new energies. You simply cannot be doing the same things that you were doing in the old energy.

In the past, Beloved Ones, your energies were focused on transition and awakening, and how to work with awakening and how to deal with the trauma as people awakened. But now, there are enough awakened ones on the planet to facilitate the creation of a Template for an acceleration of this process.

Now, the need is to create a Template to assist the awakened ones into the New Earth consciousness. In order to do this, you must yourself be a part of the creation of that Template. You must be living within the consciousness of the New Earth and with the consciousness of your role as a pioneer in the New. You must have moved beyond duality and victim consciousness and must be creating an empowered life that also empowers others.

As you reach this space or place of alignment with Higher Consciousness and your Soul, you will quite naturally align with your augmented or new Soul Mission. You do not need to push or search for it. Sometimes, what is most needed is simply complete rest and quiet so that you may hear the urgings of the soul through intuition and synchronicity.

When this connection is made, you will have one of two options : either the Augmented Soul Mission where your former soul mission or work will be augmented by new understandings and new directions, or you will have a completely new soul mission. In the case of the Augmented Soul Mission you will continue to work with the wisdom that you have gained over the years, but you will be aware of new perceptions and new approaches that are necessary for this new period.

On the other hand, you may also feel the need to step away from the past completely, and embrace something completely new and that better expresses your sense of who you are now. This will be the process that will lead you into a completely new soul mission that is more in alignment with the needs and expressions of the New Reality. In this case, you may be drawn to a way of life that is more creative and more connected to the Earth, and that better expresses who you are at this time.

Beloved Ones, it is an exciting time of Change and Creation.

We wish you all a great adventure of Time and Space in your New Earth creation.

If you would like to know more about these energies and how to access your new soul mission, please join us for our Online webinar series “The Triple Gateway Intiation of 2017”. You will be guided through the Gateways and initiations by Celia Fenn and Archangel Michael, in the company of a Planetary group of awakened beings.

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Archangel Michael Triple Gateway Time Capsule

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Energy Update – Letting It All Go



Energy Update – Letting It All Go

Jenny Schiltz Energy Update – Letting It All Go

The change in the air is palatable. We know that things are moving much quicker now and there is a weight of responsibility with this knowledge. We are being asked to let go of it all. All that we thought we were, all that we identify with and all the limitations we have put on ourselves.

Some are feeling deep depression and anxiety. This can be due to feeling the pull of the higher timeline while pieces within are still operating from a lower perspective. This is causing all that we have not completely healed within to be pulled up at a deeper level. It is the time we clear up all that we were not ready to face before. It can feel like torture until you realize that it can be the final goodbye to that pain if you are willing.

Others are finding the need for quiet and stillness. There is much shifting within and the deep changes require patience. It is a fascinating time as some are finding that their guides are backing off to allow for the integration of the higher self. Others are finding their higher-self embedding deeply and this is allowing access to greater contact within the universe. It is as if a quarantine has been lifted and access to All has gotten much stronger.

This is the time of disclosure. While it isn’t “out there” yet, it is happening within. It is time we own all of our stuff, all of our dysfunction, and most importantly our stories.

Spiritual teachings tell us that we must not identify with our stories that they are simply illusions. Yet, I am reminded of Sananda saying “To look at your life and call it an illusion is to negate the incredible work you have done.” What I am coming to understand is that we need to honor our stories, but let the emotions that tie them to us go. Our stories, our history, what has happened to us, are what has shaped us into who we are now. Often it is through difficult life experiences that we grow the most. We have been forged, purified and strengthened in the fire.

It is understanding that you can honor your stories without having them limit your perception of all that you are. When we are unable to let go of the emotions that we attach to events in life, these can then become part of our identity and secure us firmly into a reality we don’t want to be in. Releasing these emotions can be much like the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Except, it is crucial to add forgiveness and the releasing of judgments we have of self and others. We cannot wish away the truth behind our experiences with positivity and love and light. We must feel it, own it and then and only then can we release it.

Looking at the #metoo movement (where women are admitting to being sexually harassed or abused) we can see where people are moving into the stages of release. We can see where some are admitting things for the first time publicly, for others it gives an outlet to release anger and sadness. There is also a grouping that is saying #metoo and in those simple words, they realize that the events no longer hold power over them.

Each person needs to be allowed their process and it doesn’t matter how messy it may seem. If you haven’t been able to release it yet, now is the time to honor those emotions and how they have changed you (for the good and bad), release all judgments and set yourself free. There is an external energetic push to heal all of this now. Allow the energies to help you leave behind the pain of your stories and turn them into your story of triumph and overcoming.

All change happens from WITHIN.

What I have come to understand is this not only means within ourselves but within institutions, belief systems, and concepts. I came to this understanding while discussing the education system with my highest self in regards to my 9-year-old daughter. I have offered to homeschool her or to find a school that is better suited for sensitive children. Her answer to me has been the same since she was five “Mom that is where I need to be.” There are moments when I know she is speaking from a higher wisdom and I simply have to trust even if I don’t understand it. I turned to my team for understanding and they explained that all change happens from within.

This does not apply to just within the person but within institutions like schools, government, healthcare and even concepts such as how women are treated in this society. This is one reason that so many are feeling the pressure to “get back out there”. It is time to shine the light in all areas of life on earth and allow change to happen. It is time to see where each of us has played a part in what has been created and help fix it by simply shining the light and our truth.

We are also being asked to let go of the ways that we have identified ourselves on this spiritual journey. I remember merging with Archangel Raphael and my guides telling me, “Don’t identify with this, for you are so much more.” As we awaken and find our 3D identity stripped, we can cling onto new identities. These also must go as we step into the new. It is not that it is a problem to claim yourself as a lightworker or however you define yourself as long as you understand that is an extremely limited definition of all that you are in your totality. We are being asked to let go of the box we were put in or that we created for ourselves and to instead experience ALL THAT WE ARE.

While it is a challenging time energetically, physically, and collectively, we are being asked to let go of all resistance we still have and simply let go.

This was illustrated for me during a lucid dream:
I was on a whale watching boat and the seas were extremely rough. I was standing on the back of the boat with another person when a huge wave came and knocked us off. We hit the water just as a whirlpool was created and we were being sucked down. I looked over and the other person was fighting with all his strength to not be sucked under. I began to fight as well when my higher-self says “Stop fighting, you have a life jacket on.” So I stopped, took in a big breathe and allowed myself to be pulled deep below the sea.

The suction began to ease, the sea began to calm. I opened my eyes to see whales swimming nearby as I began to rise towards the surface. I looked over to see that the person who had fallen off the boat with me, had lost all his air and had died in the struggle. I reached the surface took a giant breath of glorious air and saw the sun shining brightly.
I heard my higher-self say “All of you have life jackets, stop resisting and allow it to help you.”

Upon returning from this vision, I asked my higher self what she meant by we all have life jackets and she said that the soul’s natural disposition is to always rise to the light, it is our life jacket.

Feel your life jacket and know that even though you may feel like you are being sucked under, that you will rise again. Your soul knows no other way.

Sending you all lots of love and calm seas. Thank you to all who share this work. It means more than you know.

Ascended Masters in Physical Form – 18-Oct-2017

We each are on our own Path and have our own missions. Some are activists, some help clear the masses of old energies, others share Light, some light up folks’ path, while others increase the Love within and upon Earth and all of life. There are many paths and missions in life; we each are unique in what we share, yet we are all One. Each shares in their own way, whether they are aware of it or not. Awareness is key, as when one is aware of what their mission is, it doesn’t matter how they choose to share their Light; just that they know they do so uniquely. One can be in what may appear to be a mundane job, yet if that being is in Joy and Passion, they are aware of what their mission is. One’s mission is not some magical knowing; it is obvious to the Aware One. It simply takes looking deeper with Awareness in how they share their mission from their Heart. An awakened one doesn’t compare their mission with another, realizing that no mission is less or more than any other.

We have all come far in our expression as Souls and in our Awakening to the Divinity within. This month actually prepares us for next year, where there is more integrating of our Divine Selves. I see it as a transition month. We have done so much work clearing and integrating that if you journal how you’ve been in the past, you will not recognize that person. Of importance is to see how you have created endings in your life, so that you may begin anew. The answers to “why” lie deep below the surface. Dive below and discover the gift, for everything has a gift of Awareness within it, no matter how tragic you perceive the surface event to be. As you discover the gift, be grateful even while you grieve the loss of old life.

There has been a tremendous letting-go, which has resulted in a perceived separation from loved ones, as one scenario. Yet, all is in Divine Order. You can grieve if you have a belief in “loss,” yet ask yourself what “loss” really is. Is it an illusion? To me, it is illusion, for we do not “lose” anything; all is connected and things may change form, which affects one’s life in a grand way. If you can see “loss” as a readjustment and gift for you, then your consciousness rises to the next level. In all situations, there comes a time to let go, so you can being a new chapter in life. The more you resist this, the more difficult life becomes. Allow the flow of Grace to carry you through perceived difficulties. (Notice I use the word “perceived,” as all is based on one’s own perception and is not necessarily Truth.)

We are still releasing the ancient wound of separation. This can be seen being played out by many people, organizations and governments. Much of the very distant past is also coming forth to be healed/wholed. This includes people we have known and not known in history, saints, gurus, ancestors and entire belief systems. Focus on your mission without being distracted by so much duality. What you focus on is what is created and powerfully manifest. Gaia certainly is releasing a lot; yet it all is in Divine Order. Stay true to who you are without getting sucked down the rabbit hole.

We are creating the New Earth as we focus entirely on being Love. Just as each of the animal kingdom has their own path (a big Hawk just showed up as a confirmation), so do we. Each of us also may experience being very scattered as we traverse the old and the New. This goes for the folks around us as well. Be patient. The mind cannot quite get what the New is all about and there is a tendency to attach to the old, because it is familiar. Yet, we are further along in our desire to let go of the old, so focus on Divine Service, being in Nature, meditating and remind yourself that you are doing the very best you can. There is much activation of our New Selves to calibrate ourselves to a new way of being. It’s not like we’re all alone in this, we are helped by engaging with the activations and by making conscious choices. Have complete Faith that you are guided by your Highest Self, so be aware of all of what you are guided to do moment by moment. This guidance comes in the form of messages, both inner and outer, and by your own Intuitional feeling.

As we let go of the old, we may not know what to do next. Do not fret about this or analyze it. Stay in the Now Moment; from this place you will know what step to take next. We are like the caterpillar, who dissolves completely in the chrysalis, and in time the Butterfly is assembled in Wholeness. It takes a while. After all, it has taken many lifetimes for us to create who we are/were, so be patient. We are emerging from our chrysalis as a New being of Love; beautiful in our magnificence. I am not saying it will take many lifetimes to be completely New; unless that is your Souls choice. Stay in the Now and put all of your focus on being Love; on your Path; on who you are becoming. Let go of the past and the future. Be here now. Let go of expectations about how it’s supposed to be and let go of any attachment you have to plans. In the New, there are no plans. There is only Now.

One of the best ways to anchor the New is to surrender. This isn’t passive; as you surrender to what is with Heart-intentions it is like you are on a river. Without a paddle, it’s easy to get stuck in an eddy or on a rock or branch. With a paddle, you become One with the flow. This is empowered Movement. You are not helpless. You are not a victim of circumstance. You guide your boat. Surrender with intention to your preferred way of being. Consciously make a decision to be active in the Flow of New Life. This will help you align with the highest expression of Love. Surrender is letting go and allowing. Surrendering with intention is aligning to your purpose and to the highest outcome. Surrendering is important, for you don’t control or manage the Flow; you become One with the Flow. Let go of end results; allow your intention to be manifest by Source. You are Source!

Because we’re still releasing old emotions/energy, we will experience release in many ways. You may pee or sweat a lot. You are clearing not only old emotions, but the stuck toxins in your cells as well.

We are all starseeds from other dimensions. We have agreed to take on a body. When we do that, we also step into any unfinished business of other lifetimes. We have agreed to not only bring forth a higher consciousness, but to also clear our bodies and planet of all that is not Love. Being a starseed, you are probably very empathic and sensitive to energies. Through this clearing, we become even more sensitive and empathic, yet these all help us navigate the world through our Intuition and Awareness. From this place of high Awareness, we make decisions that help to align us with our Soul; an aspect of Source. Aligning or merging with Soul increases our vibration and thus we are able to transform the old into the New. Meditation greatly helps with this, for meditation aligns us with our purpose and Soul-merging. Simply breathe Divine Source Love/Light into your Heart, High Heart or Pineal Chakra. Bring this Divinity throughout all your chakras and cells. You do this with intention and breath and visualization, if you are visual.

We are anchoring our New blueprints, which helps us integrate and manifest our highest potential. As we do this, we move into a new experience physically. This is because our Light Bodies are more powerfully connected to our Earth bodies as well as to the higher dimensions. This is Soul-merging. We will begin to walk the Earth as ascended masters. What does being an ascended master in a human body on Earth mean to you? Being an ascended master in human form means you take full Responsibility for all your choices fully awake. You are not a victim of any circumstance. You are powerful as you stand in your own Light and Knowing. Of course, this is just one aspect of being an ascended master.




Integrate And Expand In Balance

October 13, 2017 Spiritual Awakening

Integrate And Expand In Balance by Gabriel F. Duran,
Guest writer,

We are progressing at what seems like a rapid pace, nowadays. As change is the order of each and every day, more and more. Since we are increasing in frequency and illumination, our bodies are in a seeming continual state of flux.

We are at a state of continually integrating all that we have experienced and learned through our divine energies. And as this is through integration, we must become more and more aware of the reality of the experiences that we’ve had.

This is a most wondrous time for it is literally the revealing of all aspects of knowing and wisdom that comes to our consciousness after having much experiences in the past reality of 3rd dimensional Gaia expressions. All that we care to know of is coming to light, as our ability to focus on and manifest our desires is increased in these new energies.

We are learning that in this new environment, when we are able to actually go with the flow; we are harmonious and peaceful and naturally expand. And this brings about the changes that we desire. For creating these changes is not to be done in “struggle.” This was/is an old concept that doesn’t bring about the harmony we deserve.

We are able to create grander creations and have them come to fruition more quickly than in the older energies. This is the freedom we bring back to our reality in stages, as we progress from 4th dimensional experiences and on to many other higher ones as well. For in truth, once we are opened to these levels of Creation, our ability to commune with many aspects of All That Is, in all dimensional aspects that are relevant for our growth are and have been coming forth.

We are able to commune with any beings, throughout Creation, by turning within. This is where we open the “stargate,” of our Divine Being. Through our sincere desire to commune with our Higher Self in any chosen form of meditative practice we choose, we open the door to communing with many beings that are ever desirous of assisting us. As one advances one appreciates the whole of All That Is, through all the various expressions of dimensional reality. Interdimensional experiences are going to grow and develop through all of us, more and more.

Other things that are being revealed are not so appealing, once the light has been brought forth on then. Such as the “truth” that most of us have bought into as to the existence of certain phenomenon. As in, we are taught that there are things that are “extra-sensory” and “paranormal” and “metaphysical” and on and on. And yet the truth is that all of these abilities that manifest as “gifts” in some, are obtainable by any and all who choose to focus in on that experience. In other words, they are not “special” gifts, they are inherent in the whole of humanity. We have just “bought-into” the limitation that these are unique expressions that are gifted. Why?

There have been those that know our inherent power and are avoiding any expression of that knowledge, at all costs. These beings are of a different nature than ourselves. As they function primarily from a brain perspective. And humanity has always functioned from the Sacred Heart Divine expression. This is humanities means of power.

As those that were different from us, did not want us to develop beyond their perceived usefulness they felt they needed from us. These didn’t want their “meal-ticket” to awaken to the truth of their inherent Divine nature and abilities.

So, they taught us, and we innocently complied with their perception of reality. As that of being a reality based solely on brain or ego consciousness, with limited emotional expressions. This is when man fell. Man left operating through heart-centered consciousness or (Christ Consciousness), and changed to operating from the brain and ego-consciousness. We went from flowing freely through dimensional realms, to being “trapped” into 3rd density expressions in physical bodies. As our “rulers” knew we could be managed and controlled through this limitation. As this was not our truth. Nor did this incorporate our inherent point of power, through our sacred heart-center chakra. The heart-center was disregarded, if you will. As of no consequence.

This is the path that many on the left-handed pathway choose. They usurp the heart chakra. And yet, any that have chosen to disregard what Source gave them; finds an extremely long and hard lesson is their chosen experience.

The truth of returning to our own individuated divine expression, is to come to the realization, or knowing, that we are truly unlimited beings. We may each bring forth any of these attributes such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience and so forth. And we are bringing these attributes of who we are forward in our realities more and more each and every day, more and more in every way. And we are, not so much developing these as we are remembering that we know how to do these things, already.

And even those that may be considered still awakening or sleeping through this, are still bringing these expressions forth. That is why we are told to be discerning as to what choose to put our attention on, for we are going to see many with abilities that were once considered, unique. And yet, some may not be as advanced, spiritually speaking, as what we would perceive would be a requirement for these types of expressions. Yet, this is the ascension. We must grow quickly in all respects.

Our focus on materialism will be diminished, as we come to realize more and more that the true experiences one desire to live through, are always expressed from within, firstly. And when we truly “tune-into” our divine hearts desires and expressions, a whole new reality manifests and unfolds before our very eyes; in the most profound way. The amount of synchronicity increases. The joy and appreciation of the reality comes forth more easily. And it is then that we realize, we have been talking, listening and working with and through our Higher Self. More and more, each and every day, this increases. And the process of melding the divine in the here and now, is well underway. And all of this makes material possessions seem like children’s toys.

Let us keep in the flow, of this divine energy that is being brought forth. As more of our DNA is activated, and we call forth as much light as is necessary into all of our lower-bodies. The mental, emotional, physical, astral and etheric. All the way through our molecular, cellular and DNA level of expressions. Every increasing in light, function and frequency throughout our eternal expression of here and now moments.

Realize that we have always sought a means of traveling in time, externally. We have always sought a means of travel that incorporates an external structure. And in truth, we are each a divine starship and time-traveler, as an inherent expression of our Divine Being. Our bodies have these abilities inherently to traverse the reality. We are the time-travelers, both internally as well as externally. Remember, as within so without. We are the stargate, inherently through our activated Merkabah.

These are expansions that are taking place more and more in our now moments of consciousness reality. Some are further along the process, although many are eagerly desirous of increasing in such expressions. I being one of them. Ever in the attitude of gratitude. And ever eager for moving beyond the perceived limitations of duality.

And yet, even duality has a balance point that many times, we forget. For in truth the “dualistic” experience has always been a trinity, not just a duality. For there are the expressions of the duality and the central-balanced point.

And the central balanced point is what is taught through many. The Native Americans, Buddha, the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Host and on and on. The whole planet is sustained, or not, through balance or lack thereof. And our experiences on the planet reflect this in our reality. This expression of reality has always been a trinity, not just a duality. That is one of the major lessons. Mother, father, child. Sun, moon, earth and so forth.

We are integrating what we have experienced. And we are experiencing new expressions that we have yet to have integrated. Such as the higher expressions of hearing, seeing and knowing. And as we grow into these new experiences, we have more positive expressions to integrate and expand upon. The ever-exciting expressions of now moments that are ever eternal. Beyond the need for structured expressions of time, limiting our experiences and desires. For we are beyond the need of such rigors as linear-time.

Focus more and more on our chosen expression of the reality we desire. And remember, this manifests from within firstly. Be and live the state of being we desire to see expressed in our reality. Then we will see the outer-reality bring similar frequencies of expression forth into our reality. Adding further momentum to the process in a synchronistic system of occurrence. And when we recognize these, as they really do happen more than we realize, we can then work in a synchronistic manner with what comes. And the more we do this joyfully and harmoniously, the more these expressions expand. Once more, in a synchronistic manner to reflect more of these desired expressions of ours into our reality. Mirroring our reality through the law of attraction and resonance. Or karma. As in, you get what you put out. The more we live the state we desire, the more the universe brings more of its kind to reflect our chosen state of being.

This is working with the new energy of the day. From a point of our eternal now moments. Which is once more, the balance point between past and future. The trinity manifest once more in the reflective reality. The balance is the eternal, now. This eternal now, is beyond space-time constraints. Hence, our point of power.

Be ever in the now, in the know. For this is working with the Divine, within our heart center. And when we acquiesce, we reach that natural state of surrender that we hear about. We surrender to the Divine flow that is already being given us, as our inherent right. We maintain balance through the balanced-center of our being. Our Sacred Heart-Center.

And the only thing that impedes this process, is self-resistance. We must surrender resistance to the already natural divine flow. Go from resistance to persistence of staying in the Divine flow that our Higher Self is sending us, through the highest form of love, divine love. Full of compassion and ever optimistic as to our success.

Let not society, family, friends, religion or any being take this state of being from our expression. For we are being given all the Divine Loving Energy, All That Is has for each and every one of us, always. Realize our inherent “unlimitedness”, or limitless Being as Sparks of the Divine in expression. Ever at the perfect place and the perfect time, manifesting our Divine truth. Bringing about the furtherance of perfection. In an already perfect creation. For Creator recognizes no limits. Therefore, Creator recognizes nothing but the Divine in all expressions, including each of us, now.

And in the presence of the Divine, we must meet halfway; energetically speaking. So, we must release all forms of limitation in order to accomplish this. And this is occurring throughout the whole of Gaia.

This is why we are seeing, and in some instances experiencing some of these upheavals. Such as earthquakes and hurricanes and so forth. We are transmuting these false creations we have believed in. And for those that are doing so unconsciously, the process still takes place. And many will choose to awaken in a rather harsh manner. As in “shaking oneself” awake through earth changes and so forth. For nobody will be left behind, our out of the process.

We must release these “illusions” that we brought forth ourselves in Creation in order to meet the Divine, halfway. Once more, the balance point of the trinity. As our Divine I Am Presence meets us halfway, we strive to increase in frequency. And betwixt the two shall meet. At the balance point of expression. This is when the meld manifests more and more between our Higher Self and ourselves. As these false expressions cannot exist at such higher frequencies. For the higher frequencies bring forth only truth. And the lie must fall before the truth.

This shows us that there are still many expressions in our reality that are functioning outside of truth. And these must change as their true expressions unfold. And either these will change into “truthful” expressions or they will cease to exist. And suffice it say, we have many organizations that will inevitably cease to exist rather than conform to truth.

Expansion of truth and integration of expressions of experience that are no longer necessary are in order. Releasing all that does not serve is our responsibility. We have been given an auspice sign with the recent solar eclipse. And now the expressions of separate time-lines, increases. We each are choosing anew. Uncharted, Divine expressions are ever-awaiting. The time-lines diverge, once more.

Be the “state of being” we are desirous of expressing. Breathe in the truth of this in our reality, and breathe out the manifestation of this new expression. Be ever mindful that our thoughts, spoken word and deeds are bringing about higher and deeper expressions of our beliefs. So, be in accord with our own desires and beliefs. For our reality will mirror these much more quickly. And as we gain more consciousness knowing that this is so, we can increase the pace to even quicker expression.

For time is not what we have believed it to be. We are beyond linear time-expression. If we ask our Higher Self, our Higher Self will bring into our consciousness the knowledge of how many activities we accomplish in the past as well as future, to bring about our desired expression of now moments. In other words, the present is what changes the past and the future. The power of now, is the only power there is. Time acquiesces to the consciousness of now. Know this.

And these “ah-ha” moments will initially baffle us. Seeing time as non-linear. It is much like watching a mystery movie, in which at the end all of the pieces come together. And one gets and entirely new view of the whole of the experience that was bought forth in pieces portrayed throughout the movie. The conclusions that one gathers throughout the process may not even be germane to the final outcome. When the “big picture” comes into focus, then we recognize the necessity of the seeming “sidetracks” that we seem to end up experiencing, getting to the final perceived outcome.

This is when we know we are working through our Higher Expression. For we are along for a glorious and often mysterious ride, throughout Creation. And this was by design. For mystery is the impetus that keeps us ever seeking. And yet, seek through the love, not the pain. Let our Higher Self unfold our Divinity in us, as beautify as the blooming and unfolding flower’s petals. Be ever in appreciation for awakening. Be ever compassionate for those that have not. Be the balance-point. For this is our divine expression and our point of power. Ever unfolding, perfectly. Integrating, expanding and being in balance, always. Beloved Divine Sparks of Source.

Balanced, in the know, in the now, of the Divine.

Much Blessing, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran &
October 23, 2017 at 12:53 am


The Pleiadian High Council of Seven via Daniel Scranton, October 20th, 2017


Love is our new reality
The Arcturians via Daniel Scranton, October 20th, 2017

Sananda October 20, 2017

Your Physical Symptoms ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

In the discovery of a symptom in your physical body, you often then attempt to look at the past or the future of that symptom. You want to know how it came to be and you want to know where it is ultimately going. These types of questions take you from the experience of it. They take you out of the present moment, and in many ways they are attempts to dissociate from the symptom itself.

Your physical symptoms are guides. They are asking you to feel and to explore the feeling that you have on a deeper level. So let us say that you are feeling pain in a certain part of your body. The pain, as a physical sensation, is likely to trigger an emotional response. The emotional response is there because of something that you haven’t been paying attention to in your life, something that you’ve been attempting to avoid and haven’t wanted to face.

So the physical symptom is a wake-up call to something else. When you are willing to feel your physical symptom rather than medicate it, and you are willing to feel your emotional response, rather than running away from it, you have everything that you need then to allow this physical symptom to move through you and to no longer be a part of your experience.

As you allow the physical symptom and the emotional response to be what they are, you also have the opportunity to show yourself some love and some compassion. So if the physical symptom is causing you to slow down and take better care of yourself, then it is serving you in that way as well.

When you love and nurture yourself through these physical hiccups, you give yourself something that only you can give you. Only you can choose to take better care of yourself. And as you show yourself more love and compassion, you also eliminate the need to create more scenarios for yourself to be in physical pain or to have some other physical ailment.

Your symptoms are your blessings in disguise, for they awaken you to something deeper that needs to occur within you. And when you give yourself what you need, they quiet down and become silent.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”


Expect Wonderful by Ailia Mira

writing by ailia mira

Allowing the Greatness That is You

Message from Archangel Michael, Hermes & The Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello Beloveds,

And so, we begin. We begin, and we love that moment when we feel Ailia recognizing the flow of energy coming into her experience. We love that moment, and we love when she allows it the translation to begin, the energy to be articulated. That’s really like a metaphor for this thing we’re talking about, about you allowing the flow of your inner reality into personal action. So today, we want to speak about your capacity to allow something that is really spectacular, and that is to allow greatness. Your greatness. The greatness that is you.

We want to talk about you allowing your greatness. What do you feel like about that? How do you feel when we say that?

The deepest intention of your embodiment is you being fully you, and you are inherently great. Do you know this? How do you feel about that? How does that sit with you? What’s your response to that?

From our view, we see that most people are not all that comfortable with their greatness, and in order for you to allow fully who you are to flow freely, you’re going to have to look at your relationship to thinking of yourself as really great, so we’re going to start today to talk about that.

Let’s begin by saying you arise from the Oneness that is. Out of that limitless, vast, luminous consciousness, energy flows into the specific form and function that is you, that you think of as your soul, your higher self, and the form and function that you are has a particular kind of purpose, and the purpose is the fulfillment of you.

You can live your lives in ways that are exceptional and so brilliant, and doing so is just a matter of allowing. You do not need to create your greatness, because it IS.

Although you will take action to bring about the forms in which your greatness is expressed in this world, that is not the same as creating the value of your being or the greatness itself, it simply is who you already, truly are.

For most of you when you think about the adventures of expressing the greatness that is who you truly are, you think about this kind of thing, and feel like, in order to be great, you first gotta make yourselves better. Most of you don’t really think of yourselves as great, already.

There’s this idea that you might become great, but first you gotta make yourselves better. First, you gotta work on yourself. First, you have to fix yourself or learn more or improve yourself or try harder, all kinds of ideas that, somehow, that who you are right here, right now inherently is lacking, is not enough to be called great, which is not true. So today, we speak to you of your capacity, and we want to point out to you how you can allow your own greatness, the naturalness of your own greatness to flow.

All of creation is flowing through you, shaped and informed by the uniqueness of the energy structure that you think of as your soul self. That energy structure that is you, has specific inclinations … What you might think of as functions, and you don’t have to figure these out.

Many people go through life thinking before they can be all they can be they must determine, figure out their purpose. Most people want to know their purpose. Many people want someone to tell them who they are.

We want to invite you to consider you don’t have to spell this out. You don’t have to determine it before you express it, it’s the only way you do express when you are in accord with the fullness of your being. It just happens.

You don’t have to have some written down definition of your purpose in order for you to express the greatness that is you. It’s very simple to express the greatness that is you, and the fun way to do that is to honor your desire.

Your desire is Creation seeking expression through you. When you allow your desires, you allow the specific functions and possibilities, of who you truly are to express. Perhaps the way you could think of contributing in your world and fulfilling your purpose, expressing your greatness, is to flow. You allow it to express and flow into this realm, when you honor your desire.

When you embrace what you want and go with it, you allow yourself to be fulfilled, and you allow others in life to be blessed by a fuller knowing of All-That-Is, which happens through the specific fulfillment of you.

You are inherently great. Great! Not sort of good, great!

You are great, and you are worthy of this greatness, and each and every one of you is really sensational. Exceptional. I can be natural, you can feel easily capable of what you will clearly feel as really great things if you let yourself know yourself this way.

In fact, most of you have done many truly great things already, yet most of you spend more time making real the things that diminish you, and looking at what you haven’t done rather then focusing on all the generous ways of being you are expressing and sharing.

Most humans are focused upon and looking at the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and amplifying all that. Sustaining that. Making those gaps more real than the things that feel good, the things that flow easily and naturally. Today, we’re going to invite you to drop that.

What if you just stopped doing that?

What if you just give up this need to diminish yourself? What if you decide, “I’m gonna no longer put myself down. I’m gonna no longer look at myself as less than.

What if I were to consider and start to look for evidence that I am enough?”

We want you to realize, the things that show up in life that you think are the evidence that you’re not enough, or not yet worthy, or not yet good enough… they are not the evidence that you’re not enough. They are the manifestations of your belief that you’re not enough.

So if you were to start looking for all the ways that you are really fabulous, the demonstrations or the evidence that you are fabulous will open up and increase, because you make real and important what is real and important in your life by investing your energy in it. If you want to notice more of your own greatness, pay more attention to you and what you are doing well and you might also consider casting a wide net over what ways you are being, that might be worthy of your attention, appreciation and celebration.

What if, right now, you decide to take us at our word and discover your greatness? Start to look at, “Where am I doing brilliantly? Where am I so natural, so effortless? Where do I feel so easy?

When am I following my desire and letting myself flow?” That’s an even easier way to discover yourself. “What if I allow myself to focus on embracing my desires, and know that in fulfilling my desires, I allow my greatness to shine?” That’s the easiest way to do it. That way, you don’t have to think about it – or as you’re inclined, overthink it! You don’t have to name it. You don’t have to have labels. You don’t have to write down a mission statement. You can just know, “When I am feeling ease, and when I am in the flow and when I am present and feeling good, I am clearly being, who I truly am and who I truly am is just brilliant and I can trust in that.” What about that?

If you embrace what calls to you and let that flow, and let yourself be in a state of expectancy about it, allowing it to come about, enjoying the pleasure that realizing what you want and what you prefer gives to you, when you believe you can have it, you will be great. You will be great. You will be great in ways that only you can be great, and you can make this happen more fully, and be more aware of it, once you refuse to continue investing in limiting thoughts about you.

What if you gave up the need to limit or diminish how magnificent you are? What if you gave up the idea that if you’re really successful, it somehow makes other people feel less? What if you gave up the idea that you have to earn it? What if you gave up the idea that having what you want requires hard work and suffering? What if you refuse to invest your thinking in those kind of thoughts?

What if you started thinking, “Having what I want is easy and natural, and it’s when I push too hard and struggle and suffer that I actually make it hard for what I want to come to me?” What if you thought that?

What if you gave up the idea that anything is too good for you? And we mean, for the you that you naturally, already, intrinsically easily are. What if you started to think, “I’m worthy and deserving of everything I desire,” what might that feel like if you made that thought solid in your awareness – made that thought feel like fact.

Well then, life would shift, and fast.

If you were to make real the knowing that you are worthy and deserving of everything you desire. If you made real with your attention the idea that everything you desire is your version of the best life has to offer, and realize – you are constantly getting clear about it, if you allowed yourself to relax into the knowing that, “Based on me and who I am, what I think the best things life has to offer will show up as my desires.”

If you were to allow yourself to practice feeling good about those things, and practice feeling good when you think those thoughts, and enjoying the pleasure of what you prefer, and believing that you can have what you prefer, and that you deserve it, and that it’s flowing to you because it’s a match for you, you would feel your emotions shift. You would feel pleased with you and pleased with life.

You would feel a sense of life getting lighter. You would feel uplifted. You would feel elation, and of course, you can know in that feeling that you’re reshaping life as you know it. Your feeling are always indicating the degree of alignment you are in with all you’ve become.

Creation is constantly responding to that which you make real by investing your attention in it.
What you invest your attention in shows up, no matter what it is!

No matter if it’s something you like or something you dislike, no matter if it’s something that’s a distortion or a limited view of who you are, or it’s the real clear understanding. Whether you invest your attention in it now or later, whatever you invest your attention in, you’re making more of in the world and in your experience of the world, so why not make more of, think more about your intrinsic greatness, and the greatness of others?

Why not start to think of everyone as divine and capable … and capable of learning how to do this? Why not be a demonstration of this by investing in the thoughts that empower you to flow and shine?

What if you allowed yourself to think of your life as something you are facilitating? That you are here as a vehicle for all of Creation to express here as you?

What if you paid attention and cared so much about how you feel, knowing what your feelings mean, and caring so much about them that you really learned how to let all of Creation express clearly through you? Without evaluating it, without thinking, “I need to work harder or be better.” Just focus on how you feel, know that when you’re feeling good, you’re allowing it to flow.

Don’t you see how good this could be, how fulfilling it might become? And trust us when we say how great you really are and how great your experience of being you could be! You could live life in an exquisite state of fulfillment, pleased with you and enjoying all of it and everyone else. In this aligned state you become unconditional. When you focus on your flow and empower it, by letting yourself be who you are, you become unconditionally expansive, expressive, abundant and free! And you vibe that to everyone you meet. Imagine that.

You have the capacity to contribute so much more to this beautiful planet, by being you! Being happy, allowing more, and thinking highly of you is how you let it happen. It’s not hard work. It’s not trying harder. It’s not making yourself better. It’s simple empowering your alignment, letting yourself flow.

So what if you started right here, right now to honor yourself, knowing that greatness is natural and easy, and that you are entirely deserving of that experience?

And furthermore, in that viewpoint, thinking those things, practicing those thoughts until they feel normal and natural and real and easy and fun to you, feeling the deep sense of naturalness in your own greatness, in your own exceptional beauty, in your own uniqueness … When you’re in that viewpoint, you are completely in sync with all you’ve become, and this, beloved ones, is also how we see you.

We are complete.



Mary Magdalene via Lea Chapin, June 11th, 2017


A Message to Lightworkers – October 18, 2017

A Message to Lightworkers – October 18, 2017
by Caroline Oceana Ryan | Leave a Comment

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

And we see that your vibrations have shifted in the course of this presentation, to where you are awakening on a new level.


You are seeing ways in which you have not always loved and valued yourself, which is a great step toward understanding the nature of Love itself.

And you are realizing more fully that you greatly desire to finally Love and believe in yourself in ways that allow you to stop the judgments, the criticism, the sadness of feeling you are not enough in and of yourself, and so must engage the attentions of another in order to feel whole.

You are seeing now that Love is not something that comes to you, nor something that someone else “gives” to you.

You are seeing that it is an experience you walk into with full realization of its power, feeling it as a kind of morphic field, or radio frequency that you tune in to.

In that moment, you realize that ALL is Love.

That you are simply re-calling and re-claiming that powerful soul realization that you are Love itself.

You are re-membering that you do not have to wander the Earth or anywhere in this Universe seeking Love.

For You are the proof and the demonstration of Love, and the Essence of it.

That which has been called Love has often been not the Love of your own soul, your own higher aspect.


It has been a right-brain, ego-mind need to attach to another, to win their approval, attention, praises, and high valuing of who you are, or who they believe you to be.

You are aware at all times, on a higher level, that despite the mental training and social conditioning of Earth life, that this is not Love.

This is simply a way in which the ego directs you to get what you need from another, while bypassing the powerful expression of the high heart and its inner knowing.

Which is, that as you are Love itself, you need never seek it outside yourself.

You have only to realize the power of it in yourself, to value yourself as a living expression of it, to realize you can never be without, unless you were to cease to exist, and that can never occur.

It is so that the vast majority of adult human beings wish very greatly to Love themselves, to understand the true nature of Love at its higher levels, and to know themselves as Love Itself.

Yet this experience eludes them, as the ego-mind leads them ever further down the path of ego attachment.

(This is not so for children, who know they are Love itself, until told otherwise.)

And so in simply entertaining the idea that Love is not something that one needs to “find,” but something that you can actually realize experientially from within, you have begun a very great revolution in the world.

And so we invite you continue your journey on this crucial, quite central matter, and to realize your own higher intent where Love is concerned.

To release the feelings of “needing” and even desire, if it tells you that your happiness lies outside of your own being.

You are the Universe in its highest aspect, expressing in human terms.

You are the beauty of this Universe, created from Love itself to be Love itself.

Created from the design that is Life Force—the river that experiences the current of Love, whose every molecule carries its essence, and that leads ever on to that great sea that is the Love running through the highest vibrational levels of your Universe.

It is impossible that you could ever be without it.

Namaste, dear ones! We are always with you.

Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.

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