New Earth Transformational Leaders Program

New Earth Transformational Leaders Program (NETLeaP)       

About Me – I am Archangel Chamuel.  In my human physical expression during this lifetime, in a more than 40 years working career, my focus has been on providing service to others through my roles as, at various times, leader, manager, teacher, coach, advisor, and mentor, in both the United States and Europe. The experience, knowledge, and wisdom gained through this human incarnation, has been greatly enhanced now through the conscious recognition of my multidimensional being.  This greater aspect of myself was previously hidden from me by design.

It was all preparation for this particular point in time of our transformation process. But now having access and guidance from the higher realms, allows me to truly fulfill my soul mission, and life purpose, which has been the reason for my existence.


The Program – I envision working with a group or groups of 6 to 9 individuals during a 6 month period on a focused basis.

This program can also be customized for an organization, for those enlightened leaders this may resonate with.

I have prepared a general outline, but please understand that this experience may not fall into any categories that are easily placed.  This will, from initiation be a spiritually guided process with those of us in our human incarnations.

From the beginning, having trust, faith, and responding to your inner-voices and intuition, will be necessary.  And so this message will resonate with some at this time, and not others.

As you continue to hear, this is a process.  And we are never “done”.  From varying levels of conscious awareness we see both ourselves and the world, which we are either consciously, or unconsciously creating in every “now” moment, in a slightly different way.

I will connect with those that I should at the time when it is mutually beneficial.  Have no doubt that you have been led here for some reason.  And these reasons will be uniquely for you.  Recognize for yourself why that might be.  But do not let any fears or judgments cloud your thoughts.  Yes, we are often (always?) tested.  But only those tests that we bring to ourselves and are ready for.  Accept that as your truth.  How you choose to respond is always your choice.  And you are being asked to do so in conscious awareness.

I am looking at this now in categories that will be addressed as I am encountering them.


  • Self discovery or rediscovery (“Where you are now” in conscious awareness)


  • Key elements of transformation– personal and organizational


  • The Creation and Manifestation Process and Approach


  • Transformation Project – Selecting and creating an area, or topic to transform.  Developing a vision, strategy, plan with guidance.


For participants:

We will generally follow a 4 week schedule.  Within that timeframe, interaction will include:

  • 90 minutes of one-to-one communication


  • 120 minutes in group session(s)


  • Each participant writing and submitting a weekly summary


  • Email correspondence as needed


There will be required activities for each of the aforementioned categories outlined previously.

The program will require time investment, as well as a commitment to expand yourself.  As you will understand, the potential return however is significant.  I would say quite liberating.  And also understand that the way you choose to perceive it, will match your results.

After successful completion each participant becomes part of a network of other alumni.

 Cost: 2500.00 Euro

Monthly payments after an initial 500.00 euro payment are possible.


Selection Process:


For those who are interested:

  • Please respond through the contact page stating your interest, and any additional information that you choose to include.


  • A one-one communication will follow-up with those who demonstrate a serious interest.


  • Selected participants will be confirmed with additional program information.


Note: For non-native English speakers. I have been teaching (English), coaching and advising, as well as living among non-native English speakers for over 15 years.  As a result I am sensitive to non-native English speakers possible concerns, and how to communicate in the most effective way.  That said, at least an intermediate level of English, with an understanding of the general terminology used in this context, I would suggest as a minimum requirement.  But if this is a concern, please express this in your communication.