My Introduction

I am James Coleman. And I am the unique physical and consciously aware embodiment of the integrated expressions or aspects of my soul.

Among this community of soul expressions are 4 distinct powerful conscious entities of great wisdom, knowledge and experience, whose presence have made themselves known. These include Ascended Masters: naturalist, environmentalist and writer, John Muir; writer and human rights activist, James Baldwin; a great spiritual teacher and priest from ancient times, Master Marcus; and the highest expression of this spirit entity, Archangel Chamuel.


Upon first reading, this statement would probably challenge the belief system of many.  That is understandable.  Even though I have been living it since the evening of March 31st, 2017, when my light body first activated, it was quite a shock that I had difficulty reconciling with my human mind and perception of “myself”.

But it is a part of our new ascension reality.  As Archangel Chamuel wrote in his own article, I will not be the only one.

As for the other expressions present within me, I have been reminded not to forget them. I understand that they will make their respective presence’s known at the appropriate time.  And I look forward to that further unfolding.  However, even now, I carry within myself the accumulated experience, knowledge and wisdom attained during their respective journeys, as well as my own of course.

As I have learned through the various downloads, and acting as a conduit of energy for Gaia, and our ascension, it takes time to digest this ever evolving process.

For my given soul missions, I will speak through myself at times, and also through the particular entity which serves the highest good.  Fortunately, within myself, there is no difficulty distinguishing them. They have very distinct personalities and voices, which could not be confused.

In closing, I will add that the writing of Archangel Chamuel which follows, was actually written before this one.  After a “healthy” discussion, and after a night of rest, I had “digested” enough that I was ready to make this choice on my own, and am ready to “own” the process.

One more note to those who may be particular fans of some of the entities I have spoken about. In order to manage expectations, please understand that I have never had occasion to read any works authored by John Muir, and have read only one writing from James Baldwin, when I was a teenager (so a very long time ago).

But it is true that when I “spoke” to them in meditations, their views on current affairs, and what they envision for a New Earth are quite clear.

This is my first article/post, but will not be my last.

I hope this has been useful for someone.  And I wish you all well, and am very grateful for the channeled messages, and other information you have provided to me and many others.  Thank you.

In love, light, and bliss,

James Coleman



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  1. I left a message on the other one but really quickly i hope my validation meets yours. You arent the only one and im still uncomfortable with what had made me feel crazy so i just cant bring myself to elaborate but your post just ment everything to me and you are a blessing.

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