I am Archangel Chamuel. Today, I write to you about leaders. Divine Authority was granted to me, as was my desire, to prepare, mentor, and monitor those who will be called forth as leaders for the transformation to our New Earth. Why, might you ask?

As you have heard from others, especially those from the higher realms , it is absolutely critical that those who will provide the example for others, especially during our time of transformation, uphold the highest ideals of the Creator, and for our reemerging, but still transitioning, angelic humans.

There are already those volunteers who have been specifically chosen to provide leadership in various capacities. But having been incarnated, and living in unconscious awareness for a longer period of time, remembering who and what you truly are, can be difficult. But still, these individuals at their core, embody the traits of integrity, fair-mindedness, and personal accountability and responsibility. Along with adaptability and inspiring, these are the leadership qualities that are both needed and desired.

However, what some may still lack is the full acceptance of their spiritual essence. These individuals have usually been successful in their 3rd and 4th dimensional lives. And not surprisingly their minds and egos often reflect this.

And this is the crux of possible concern. Where the mind and ego selves are intricately connected to the “success” of a person, separating this distinction can be quite problematic, even for those who are able to observe, and be consciously aware of this occurrence.

For those of us who have been tasked in this area, and are working together, thus far at the energetic level, it is time to directly address it on the physical plane.

As our group includes our galactic partners and others from the higher realms, whose experience, knowledge, and wisdom is of incalculable benefit, we will truly be an inter-dimensional effort.

It is both beneficial and disheartening that each of our group has had personal experience where human influenced leadership was compromised and failed, leading to disastrous results. It was the worse kind of betrayal, and often unanticipated.

Not all who identify themselves as leaders, will be able to serve in the respective capacities that they currently envision. The cost of having vulnerable leaders in positions of responsibility and influence is too great.

Remember, the priorities and motivations in this current reality will no longer resonate in our new co-creation. And yet, attachments, both material and emotional may still be present, and can be very difficult to address.

Emotions fearing a loss of something or someone valued, can have a direct impact on decision and choice making.

This becomes very challenging even for the most disciplined. Which is why we must have in place effective, and responsive support, and on-going monitoring mechanisms, to ensure that the highest good for all is always of foremost importance.

And yes, this is as it seems, those of us who have embodied those beings from the highest realms are now openly stepping into our respective roles. We express, and are guided by our highest selves ALWAYS, and yet retain our respective human experiences, knowledge and wisdom gained.

As is my role, I, Archangel Chamuel, ask that for those with whom this message resonates, as leaders of leaders, come to the fore with cooperative intent, and mutual physical plane acknowledgment. The path to transformation is yet to be manifest, and we will benefit from our collective voices, so that our co-creation truly reflects our highest, and most ambitious hopes and ideals.

In love and light,

Archangel Chamuel