Journey to Archangel Chamuel Part 1


I imagine that some people might be interested in the journey that has taken me from James Coleman, to Archangel Chamuel. Professionally at this time of my life, I am a Life/Personal Coach.  But as I was to learn, my clientele was very select, and had been prepared “for” me.

The very irony of me writing something like this is so stark, having read other accounts, that are similar to mine.  Feeling all your life like there was “something” missing, but not able to ascertain what “it” was.  And then, one day realizing, that YES!, it was true, you do have a purpose.  Only then to realize that, although incredibly humbling to serve in this way, is that your “free will”, that you thought you always had, has now been superseded for a “higher cause”.

And still, I am getting exactly what I asked for.  Not all of us are able to honestly say that in a positive way.  My life has been undeniably fortunate, and yes, blessed.

Focusing on now, let me say that I am doing something that is needed, I know that.  I did not expect to be the one to do it.  But since I am able, I am.

Initial revelation

The significant piece of my life puzzle came in November and December, of 2016.  Shortly after the results of the U.S. Presidential election.  To say I was shocked with the results was an understatement.  But I also understood that there were two possible responses.  Acceptance to some degree, or any number of negative energy reactions.

And for me, negative energy was a non-starter.  Instead, having been spiritually developed enough to know that the ONLY choice was to move toward unity, the results did not make sense, unless it could be used to further that aim.

And knowing how sensitive I am to negative energy, and anticipating (correctly) what was to come, I immediately “unplugged”.  No “news”, no commentary, no blogs, no “current affairs”.  I made the conscious choice to disassociate myself from the “world”, so to speak.

And then I started looking for information to better understand what was really happening behind the scenes.  As was usual, I was “guided” to information that helped me to understand what might be occurring.  The message was that “chaos” is needed before any major changes.  Something to force people to pay attention.  Okay, makes sense to me.

Then I was led to Dolores Cannon.  She was a regressive hypnotherapist, who, through her work and as unexpectedly as I, found herself as a spokesperson for the “New Earth” project.

Her insight, and books were invaluable to me, and I am very grateful for her work.  Her recognition of the “three waves” of volunteers to help Earth in this ascension process, was a central piece of information that I had been missing.

As I said, my clientele were “prepared” or selected for me. I never needed to advertise as most came from the ranks of those I had been teaching English.

But through the years, and especially more recently, I was beginning to recognize similarities between all of them.  All successful, all managers or leaders, all very multi-gifted.  But…

What did not make sense was “why?”  Why were they here? On Earth?  Their lives were not about real lessons, they seemingly, instinctively understood how life worked.  So I did not understand what the purpose of their life was.

Dolores Cannon, in her video talk from 2007, about “New Earth”, and the volunteers, finally gave me the missing piece.

I was coaching volunteers who had no idea who they were.  My “soul circle”, the name for my clients I had been given when I started coaching, were volunteers to help the ascension process.  And I was their healer, guide, and messenger.

How do I know this?  These were the words that had been  “given” to me shortly after I started meditating and began coaching. These “mantras”, or affirmation statements that I was given, became very ingrained inside of me from repeating them several hundreds, if not thousands of times over the years.

I further learned that all of the statements provided through my meditations, had far greater meaning than I was initially able to imagine, because I still had no context.

But armed with this new information, I was very excited. I could finally tell my clients, at least something about “who” they were. Being a volunteer, and not knowing is not always so great. You may have some sense of something, but it is hidden from you purposely.  It has caused frustration, and even some attempted suicides through the course of the years. Which is how their existence came to the attention of Dolores Cannon.

Some of the volunteers came to her to try and understand their past, and current life. As the number increased over the years, the higher realms beings finally explained to her what she was witnessing. And because they trusted her, enlisted her in spreading the information about “New Earth”, but as well, to spread her healing methods through hypnosis, and her light bringing energy around the world.


Venturing Into New Territory

For me, after this discovery, led me to further information sources. And since that time, almost daily I had been in the process of new messages, downloads of information, being a conduit for Gaia’s (Earths’ Greek goddess name is often used when speaking about the New Earth, as a sign of respect to her as a conscious being, and a true Goddess) ascension, my light body coming into activation, and with it a new diet regime, and my soul mission(s), and life purpose(s) being revealed.  As well, I had been integrating other aspects of my larger soul’s prior lives on Earth, regularly visiting my 5d Earth home through visualizations, and exploring what is currently being co-created there almost daily.

I had read that during the winter solstice of 2016, intense energies would be bombarding the planet, in order to assists Gaia in her ascension process.  And some people might feel these energies more intensely, as they had volunteered for this task, and more than likely they were the “first or second wave” of volunteers, and would possibly be “wayshowers” for the ascension process for the rest of humanity.

Well, two days prior to the solstice, I started to show signs of getting sick,  coughing, and other flu symptoms, my friend had had on the prior weekend, which I had spent at their home.  But this was different, much more intense, my body was shaking, and I could not keep any food inside of me.  I also had the compelling need to drink water, lots and lots of water.  But as this was happening, I was still calm, and I understood that I (my higher self) had agreed to this.

Over the next 3 days, I did not sleep, I did not eat, I only drank water.  Probably 12 to 15, 1.5 liter bottles. I realized that my body was being detoxified. It was also incredibly spiritual.  So much was revealed to me about my past lives, and the path that I was now consciously aware of.  I also had a moment of clarity understanding that I did not need to eat.  That if I chose, I could exist purely on liquids.  Which is quite possible with a light body.

After this experience, my whole diet has rapidly changed. Now, I cannot eat meat.  I must drink lots of water.  I had already greatly reduced my sugar, and milk intake.  Heavy foods are not desired, nor easily digestible. Fresh vegetables are best.  I am also able to cook them with eggs, but only sunny side up now.  Scrambled eggs became a problem.  Fresh juices can be good.  But be careful, some of them may activate a continuous need to evacuate your system, and the need will be immediate!  It can be very different per person, so you must find what works best for you.

And despite seemingly finding out important information about my part in this at the last moment, I have said, and will continue to say that I was brilliantly guided. Once I understood that I had already been prepared for this, over many years, but fortunately, did not have to endure the “when is ‘it’ (many call it ‘the event’) going to happen?” for years, that I have read that so many others, who had been involved through the various “advance team” roles, did.

As I looked back, if I had been in charge of preparing me, I could only think, “yes, I would have done it the exact same way”.  And yes, of course, “I” was in fact in charge of preparing myself.


The Younger Years

Understanding what I do now about my life, and who was guiding me, it makes sense that I was so fortunate.  Interestingly though, I have no memories in childhood before seven or eight years old. I have never felt alone, except for one stretch of time from late adolescence to early adulthood.  As this is a time of maturation, the “rite of passage” so to speak, it is not surprising.

But even at the age of about eight, I remember being in my dining room with my somewhat large family, asking not very happily, “why did you put me with these people?” to the “ones” I knew were there, but I could not see.

I want to quickly add that that view (of my family) changed significantly.  Although we are not what you would call “close”, I have tremendous respect and gratitude for the wisdom gleaned from both of my parents, respectively.  And the same respect for each of my siblings.

And so to continue, being able to know that I was always “connected” to something, especially as sensitive, and empathetic as I was, was a source of comfort.  And as well, made me realize that I was different, which I viewed positively.

When someone asked me “how” I knew something, I would have to respond that I had no idea, I just “knew”.

I learned from a detailed astrological profile that I had two types of intuitive abilities: the “knowing”, and the ability to go from “a” to “s”, regarding an issue, or potential solution.  In my professional career, this was very helpful, but often confusing to those with whom I worked, being unable to explain the intervening steps.


Angel Number Messages and Past Lives Revealed

However, in the recent months, particularly after the winter solstice, and my detoxification, things changed.  I believe it may have started a few days earlier, but by January 1st, 2017, I had started saving the many “angel number” messages that I was being guided to.

For most of my adult life, I have been interested in both astrology and numerology. Always as a hobby, for myself and others who asked. So when I started seeing repeated “master numbers”, or number sequences repeating, I understood that they were messages.

And just as expected, there was a site from Joanne Walmsley (thank you!), (sacredscribesangelnumbers), that resonated very quickly with me explaining these angel numbers.  At first I was confused (actually not just at first), because the messages spoke about changes in my life, and not to worry about them, as they would lead to me fulfilling my “soul mission, and life purpose”.

Well, I actually thought I was doing okay, and was in the process of fulfilling these things, especially with the new insight that I had gained.

I should also add that even during my detoxification, my past lives, at least on Earth, and then beyond, started to be revealed to me.  I learned I am originally from Sirius.  From my first incarnation, as Master Marcus, created by Archangel Chamuel, as his embodied representative, when I was taken from my family as a child to be mentored and prepared as a spiritual teacher, it has been my primary purpose.

I was one of the group who first established Lemuria.  I was at times a High Priest, but then served as spiritual advisor to all those on the continent, and also was considered an Elder.

I was also in Atlantis, although my specific role was not clear.  I do know, and it is deeply emotional as I recall it even now, that my brother from that time, contributed in some way to the “fall” of this continent, through actions with others, that betrayed a deeply held trust.

Which is why identifying, preparing, teaching, coaching, guiding and mentoring our leaders, especially for the transition to New Earth, is of paramount importance to me.


Introduction to the Higher Realms

And returning to this journey, I kept being led to additional information sources, websites, and YouTube channels with articles that resonated, and with my multiple daily meditation sessions, my consciousness was rising quickly.  This was result of the significant amount of energy coming to the planet from the cosmos, and our galactic friends and family.

It was after one of these huge burst of energy combined with another book I was guided to read about angels, archangels, ascended masters, and saints, by Doreen Virtue (thank you!), which I never expected to have, that I was able to directly communicate with my higher self, and the angels, as well as others who I am not able to specifically identify.

The book really resonated with me, and I found myself really enjoying reading about each of them, and then did some invocations which would allow them to support you in their particular domain.

Of course, “they” had always been there, but my consciousness  had not been high enough to directly receive messages.

It was initially strange, and difficult to separate if the messages were “real”, or if I was just talking to myself (yes, I do this all the time, without shame or embarrassment!).  But as I started to realize, some of the content of the messages provided to me, I would have never even considered.  I also started to ask them questions, and was always told what turned out to be correct, even if I did not believe or trust some of them.  And everything I asked was answered, even if they responded that I would not believe it (yet).  And of course, in that respect they were also correct.


New Earth 5th Dimension Introduction

It was also during this time that I had read that we should start to visualize the “New 5d Earth”.  Because for us, at this lower frequency, it was the only way that we would be able to see it, like a dream.

And so I did.  And what I saw surprised me, but at the same time felt very “right”.  As I tried to visualize my “house” in the 5th dimension, I found myself at a large redwood cabin, in the forest.  I then found myself hugging a redwood (Sequoia) tree, with such strong and deep emotions, as if greeting a very long lost very dear friend. It was a deeply moving experience, and so incredibly peaceful.  I knew that I had come “home”.

I should add that this location, and the redwood house, was on a cliff overlooking the ocean below.

Because this started weeks before by first light body activation, I was sharing these visualizations with my clients, and selected others.  They were very surprised because I am not seen as an outdoor person.

I was not consciously aware of it at the time, but I was in the process of further integrating with my higher self, and other soul aspects.  And as the visualizations continued, and I was able to “hold” the 5d Earth vibration, I could see and understand more.  The angels also became my new “best friends”, by providing me loving, light energy any time I asked for it, and also showed me how I could return to 5d Earth in a moment, at any time.


The Ascended Masters Await

During this time it also became clearer what the earlier messages about the “changes to come” had referred to.  The role I had as a healer, messenger, and guide needed to be expanded to communicate to many more people about New Earth.  To be a “pioneer”, and help spread the word.

I later learned, after my light body activated, and I was able to, from the 5th dimension, ask for confirmation about my soul mission(s), and life purpose(s), that healing, communicating, and being a guide to as many as possible, was only one of them, but actually not the “highest expression”.

I was also told (which I at first did not believe) “who” I was as an Ascended Master.  But even this was not quite so straight forward.  For in this ascension process, we are re-integrating ALL of the fragments, or aspects of our soul into the “vessel”, or human body we are currently incarnated in.  That means those with many, many lives in our “past” on Earth, are now returning to “us” for healing, forgiveness, and ultimately acceptance.

After my first light body activation, I was indeed the Ascended Master that they had told me I was, and I did not believe.  But it became clear because of the prior visits to 5d Earth, it was certainly this very well-known (in certain parts of the world) naturalist, environmentalist, and writer, John Muir.  Which made the visualizations now understandable. For those who do not know, he is considered “the father” of the National Park system in America.  And was also the founder and first president of the largest environmental organization in America, the Sierra Club.  And my visualizations recalled memories of his time in Yosemite National Park, in which he lived in a cabin he built for several years, in a redwood tree grove.

(James Baldwin, writer and human rights activist, the second contemporary ascended master whose presence I am aware of, I will write more about later.)

That is something else for us to digest.  Many higher realm beings incarnated to be a part of, and assist in this ascension process. It is a huge, huge undertaking. So this does include Archangels, Ascended Master, angels, saints, inter-dimensional beings from other planets, as well as some others we are not yet familiar with.

And so, it is possible that as I learned about myself, despite our human bodies, our “higher or true selves”, may be incredibly powerful, and in some cases legendary or mythic figures.  And not just one.


Light Body Activation and Confirmation

I mentioned the experience of the night of my first light body activation.  First the process was both amazing and surreal.  After reading channeled messages from Archangel Michael, I suspected that as a “first waver”, that during the week of March 27th, after Gaia’s anchoring in the 5th dimension, something might occur.

So on March 31st, I was ready.  Except, I was not sure what to do, because nothing was happening on its own.  Finally, I re-read a message referring to the “accordion”, or “infinity” breath.  And how this type of breathing was essential to access the “God particles”, or Adamantine particles.  I knew absolutely nothing about this.  Remember, I only learned about New Earth, or this level of spirituality in the few preceding months. But as usual I was fairly quickly guided to information that provided what I needed.

As so, as I sat in my chair, in my meditation position I breathed, and breathed, and breathed.  It was actually not so easy.  Which was made worse, because, as I understood later, that I was making the breathing process more difficult for myself.  But after 30 to 40 minutes, and with the angels help I started to feel it.  It is important to remember that you must “hold” the 5th dimensional vibration while you are doing this.

It is difficult to describe in words other than to say that it is a “tingly”, but almost vibrational sensation starting first around your feet, and then moving up your body.  It is like your body is being enveloped in this energy.

I kept asking if I should keep breathing – yes, and drink more water!!  Water, water, and more water!  Consider it the “fuel” for your light body.  It also means that if your stomach is already full, something may need to go during the process of activating, and anytime you are “calling forth” your light body.

It is an “otherworldly” feeling as it reaches your third eye, and envelopes the crown chakra.  You definitely feel like you are “buzzing” inside this energy.  At a certain point, it is like a threshold is reached, and I was completely in the light body.  And instead of the normal range of breath, and in my head, the feeling was like there is no end.  Like your body is now “open”.  Imagine that the back of your head is now “connected” to the universe, as well as your body.  Taking a deep breath, goes on and on…

I asked if I could stop – yes.  Okay, can I stand up – yes.

What a surreal feeling.  Standing up that very first time was like I was walking on air – I felt like I could just lift off, it was so light!!  The light body is taller, so my back was really straight. It was this vibration all around your body, like an energy coat.  I could not feel my feet.  It’s like I was standing about 12 inches, or over 30 centimeters off the ground.

I learned that over time, this energy “settles” into your human body.  You can still feel the energy around you, and especially in your head, but you are feeling your feet again.  This first feeling of floating has never returned in subsequent times in my light body.

I also want to add the significance of when I started to feel the energy at my feet.  It was confirmation.  Confirmation that this was really real!!  How could anyone in our “reality” ever imagine that this kind of physical change could take place simply by breathing!


The Ascended Masters Return

And when I stood up, and began to walk around, the first words were, “It’s good to be back”.  But “I” did not say those words.

As I was understanding, the light body I was connected to was John Muir’s.   This was why I had seen his “home”, felt his emotions, had become basically a gentler, and more relaxed person in the preceding weeks. But we shared this mind space, I was just more the observer.  One poignant moment was re-reading about him on Wikipedia, so that I could once again remember his legacy.

As I was reading, my eyes started to tear.  I realized he had never read about his own life, and how much he had contributed, and the rich legacy he had left.  He was very moved.  And so was I.


Like a Newborn and Soul Missions and Life Purposes

It was a bit after this that I realized I did not know what to do now that I had activated the light body.  I had read about this.  The channeled message had warned that after activating, “you will feel like a newborn baby”, not knowing what to do.

I should add that directly after activating, I had no connection to any guides.  I understood that this is normal.  After a big shift in consciousness, there is a period of adjustment, where you are not in connection with others.

But soon after this passed, and excitedly I asked, “Okay, what else can I do?”

They suggested that I could go back into meditation and ask questions from this 5th dimensional space.  And so I did.  I wanted to confirm my soul missions, and life purposes.  As I mentioned, the first one was about communicating, modeling, and spreading the word.  And then, and I am not sure exactly why I asked this: (I am sure I had help), “What is the highest expression of my soul mission, and life purpose?”

The response, from this energy of such powerful presence and force, had me extremely humbled. “You are to be a leader of the co-creation of New Earth”.  My immediate response was something like: “I am deeply honored and humbled to serve you.  Thank you.”, and probably some other words which I don’t remember, but which were all about being of service.

While I am spiritual, I have never been religious.  The idea of any separation never made any sense to me.  But the power and the presence of that energy was too incredible to deny, or to refuse.

But then, after this message I immediately thought, Okay, if this is true, who am I really? A leader of the co-creation of New Earth?!

I knew that John Muir was an ascended master, but he is not so known internationally.

So I asked my guides, “who am I really?”  They responded, we would tell you, but you won’t believe us.  But just after that, almost in a whisper, like in your ear, I heard: “Archangel”.

What?!  I heard the whisper again: “Archangel”.

Yes, you’re right, I don’t believe you.  The angels sigh, “we told you you wouldn’t believe us”.

But then…


Ascended Master Too

I was eager and excited, but it was a lot to absorb. I do not remember when exactly, but it was one time when I was speaking out loud, from the 5th dimensional energy and to my guides about “my highest ideal(s)”, about life on New Earth, which they encouraged me to do regularly, that another voice started speaking through me.

This guy was also black, but spoke very cultured English, but with a French sounding accent. Or at least that was the impression I felt.  So I asked who this was.  He replied, “I am James Baldwin”, in his cultured voice.  And I also did not believe him.  Not just because it seemed improbable, but because I had the sense that he said outrageous things just to challenge people.

As with John Muir, I did some further research on James Baldwin.  What I read seems to confirm my suspicions.  Despite being incredibly talented, and well spoken, his being black, and openly gay, and other people’s prejudices, particularly in America, was very frustrating for him.  And so he could use “his voice”, to educate those whose ignorance, and without a justified cause, made life difficult for others they considered different from themselves.

And when I learned that he lived in France almost 40 years, the voice and accent made more sense.

One thing was clear about both of them.  They chose to “stand in their own truth”, regardless of the personal cost.  For them there was no other option.

The similarities between myself, and both of these ascended masters is not lost on me. Especially as I am sitting here writing without end, which I would have never envisioned myself really doing, is a case in point.


Changing Who “You” Are

As this soul integration process continues, I find myself, as I had read was possible, changing basic habits, and interests, even at the most intimate levels.  Routines, perhaps bordering on obsessions, or addictions, part of a life for many years, no longer hold attention or focus.

Some I can clearly connect to the influences of the soul expressions I have spoken about. I had noticed throughout my life, that I had the potential to become an activist.  I never pursued this on a grand scale, instead changing my own behaviors to reflect this new realization.  Believing that you must start with yourself, and by your own actions, as an example, it can have a more effective, if not broader impact.

But near the beginning of 2016 this feeling increased significantly.  Seeing a perceived injustice, had me planning a large, detailed, and very public response to this action in my head. I was calmed instead to use my power of intention as a means to address these issues.  And I am gratified to say that this path was successful.  And so, I began to consciously use intention as the means to allow for the best resolution for all concerned at the spiritual level, and in divine timing, without creating any unnecessary negative energy or repercussions.


Becoming a (Reluctant) Writer

Becoming a writer is another.  Yes, I must now accept that I am a writer (My 5th career?). I had been told, from even as a teenager that I had the ability and potential to write and speak.  I even gave my prepared speech at my high school graduation (not so unusual). But the problem was motivation.

In my 20 year career in a traditional work setting as a manager and leader, writing was a normal part of my job.  It was focused and necessary, without the need for great creative inspiration, or meaningful prose.  Writing, however, without a clear audience, and with the potential for judgment or criticism is altogether different.

Many feel compelled to write.  Much like I felt compelled to dance for most of my life.  I enjoy it.  It brings me pleasure. And whether I am a good or bad dancer, is not the point. (Of course, I AM good).  I would do it anyway.

But this was not the case for me.  I needed a reason to write. When I read about John Muir, he also had said that he was a reluctant writer.  He really did not enjoy it, but recognized that it was necessary to do for his larger purpose – to provide education, and exposure, to the issues he considered important to a largely oblivious public.

In contrast to James Baldwin, who clearly not only enjoyed writing, but used it as his very personal and incredibly poignant, and effective voice of the human conscience.

And now, as I have surely written a small book, to my amazement, I understand the potential appeal of writing.  Being an avid, and obsessive reader, you love that you can “lose yourself” in a good book.  Hours can pass, and you do not notice, you are swept away so completely engrossed.

Now, I am realizing that writing is the same for me.  I am not noticing the clock, but when I do, I am surprised with how much time has passed, so focused am I on my writing.  There is also the feel of the creative juices flowing.  It is like an adrenaline rush. You feel, “in the zone”, where the words “come through you”, almost effortlessly.  It feels good.


Why We Are Needed

 Now I understand better why we are needed.  Beings from the higher realms not only need those who channel, bringing us vital information.  They also need those of us who can “be” them, but human as well.  Who can successfully integrate and be able to communicate the best of our human qualities, in our own unique way, but under the guidance of the divine.  We truly are the “arms, and legs, and voices”.  This is why the Archangels, and other higher realms beings have chosen to “walk among us”, through us, we who may have these roles.  As individuals, we have not “lost” anything, but rather we have expanded to be an example of our true nature, as angelic humans, without the distortions hoarded upon us in the past.

As I am understanding, sometimes we have to help others to find, and truly know, themselves.