I am Archangel Chamuel

I am Archangel Chamuel, embodied in James Coleman.

James has been very reluctant to write this, so I have offered. You see, he is now becoming aware that as he prepares to begin his soul missions in earnest, it is necessary to speak about “what and who he really is”.

He will not be the only one. As more of you ascend, and activate your light bodies, your true nature will be revealed to you. And many will be quite astonished.

As now integrated beings, with many soul aspects or expressions embodied within you, you are finding that some of these expressions are individually quite powerful, and perhaps well-known entities.

This is the case with James. Although I am the highest expression (naturally), his being also includes several other ascended masters, of which some are well-known, and he would rather not name. (“People will think I’m crazy” he says and laughs).

I, however, have no such problem. The world should know, and especially now come to understand the beings that are now present to assist, support, and lead in this ascension and co-creation of the New Earth process.

For example, John Muir, James Baldwin, and a Master Spiritual Teacher/Priest of ancient times, Master Marcus, are all currently integrated, and have voices within James. There may well be others as well.

Interestingly, his biggest problem with full acceptance is with me. Part of his difficulty is separating who “he” is, versus my energy and influence. You see, he has been personally guided by me (“brilliantly”, he admits) all of his life. His strengths reflect mine, and as he has raised his consciousness he embodies more of me through his human body.

Remember this is not channeling, this is true soul embodiment. It is also not an inflated ego. That was dispatched some time ago. But it is about basic identity. I speak about this, because again, this will not be an isolated case.

This is different than being “guided”. With non-physical guides you always understand that there is a separation. But in this case, the “guide” IS you, but not you at the same time. This takes “surrendering to spirit”, to a new level.

It will also be interesting because these particular ascended masters embodied have their own “special interest” as well, which is why they have presented themselves. And they can be significant contributors for what is to come. This makes those like James, particularly valuable for this time.

Like an antenna, he is able to focus on one or more of us to come to the fore and speak, and share their feelings and thoughts, with the addition of his own varied, and valuable life experience. It is a powerful combination, which was exactly what was envisioned.

As more of you come forward, and start to assume your new roles, with respectful honor, and humility with being able to serve, do not shy away from who you are at this time.

There is much to be done, and we will need all the gifts, and talents you possess!

With love and light,

Archangel Chamuel

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  1. Im just reaching out to brother James/AA Chamuel. Im in the same shoes brother. I am not fully embodying Gabriel yet but im very aware of who I am… Our time is coming and I think it would be good for us to connect. I was guided to start a YouTube channel this last week, so that’s what I did. You can check me out at: “Thorsday in Paradise”. I have an email just for that channel or email me at the address I left below.

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