Coaching Services


I am Archangel Chamuel in embodiment as a multidimensional angelic human.  And as such have been given access to universal knowledge and wisdom.  I am also able, for those who I am connected to, provide relevant information for life purposes, and missions.

I do not take this role, or write these words lightly.  It would not be possible to do so.  It is a responsibility that feels quite natural and surreal at the same time.  And it is a honor to serve in this way.

I would ask anyone who is unfamiliar with my background to review any of the writings on my website.  They outline in some detail the story of my journey.

And as part of my soul mission, I am offering  coaching and guidance support for those who may be interested .  As each person is unique, the support desired should meet your individual needs.

In my experience establishing a longer term relationship is most beneficial for both parties.

These are not merely transactions, as we are always connected for some reason.  For that reason, I ask those who feel guided to respond please do so.  Please do not let any monetary or other concerns deter you. That would be only your choice.

Even in service, what we offer should be valued in some way that is mutually beneficial, as well as appreciated and respected.

Those motivated to seek it, can find many free, and affordable (for them) resources which can address their respective needs along their journeys.  Again, that is their choice.


For all sessions you are encouraged, if you choose to, prior to interacting, write anything you believe could be helpful or useful.  In this way the time spent can be utilized more effectively.


Mini-session – 35 minutes

These sessions can be used any way you choose, as a basic introduction, targeted or focused on a specific topic or question.  They can also be ideal for follow-up for an earlier interactive or email communication.

Rates: Interactive session, chat, or Skype audio

35 minutes:  $ 50.00/40.00 euro

Support Sessions:

These sessions can cover any topic you choose related to your own enlightenment journey.

I will provide written follow-up for each session, with comments, suggestions, or other information that could prove beneficial for this period or phase.

65 minutes:  $ 95.00/78.00 euro


95 minutes:  $ 140.00/114.00 euro


Sessions via email

Because this can vary widely, I offer you the opportunity to choose the value that this has for you, by writing the amount you suggest in your email via the “Contact Us” section on the website.

Upon receipt and review, I will communicate with you to confirm an agreement, or perhaps suggest some alternative(s).


To schedule an interactive session:

If interested in arranging an interactive session, please respond through the “Contact Us” section of my website:

Please include: the name you prefer to use; what type of session you are interested in, with the time length, and the communication vehicle, interactive chat, or Skype audio; your preference for the day, or date and time of the session – please include your time zone.

I will respond to your request, and when agreement has been made, I will send you a confirmation that will include the payment request.  Once payment is confirmed, the session as agreed and confirmed can take place.


Note: For non-native English speakers. I have been teaching (English), coaching and advising, as well as living among non-native English speakers for over 15 years. As a result I am sensitive to non-native English speakers possible concerns, and how to communicate in the most effective way.  That said, at least an intermediate level of English, with an understanding of the general terminology used in this context, I would suggest as a minimum requirement. But if this is a concern, please express this in your communication.



About me: While supporting others for over 40 years as a leader and manager, mentor, teacher, and coach, with 5 voluntary or guided career changes to date, and after certification as a Life Strategies Coach, I have been focused only on coaching and more writing, since 2014. As I learned from my guides, I am a healer, messenger and guide.  A healer of souls, a messenger to those I connect with by communicating information from the higher dimensions exclusively for you, in the most effective way on the physical plane.  And a guide, using my varied life experiences, and time coaching and mentoring, as well as my own journey, to provide opportunities for self-reflection, suggestions, and other potentially beneficial support.