Archangel Chamuel – Becoming “The One”


This is Archangel Chamuel. Since I have written to you before as James, it has been understood that that was only another step in this ever evolving process, of which, now I understand, I will have an unanticipated wayshower role.

I am finding once again, what we encounter so often, that there are always layers, much like an onion. As a soul integrating, recognizing the layers as I perceive them, has been helpful.

I have written more about this journey with background, and more context on my website at the link below this article.


What does it mean to surrender to your higher self?

As many of you have heard about beginning your various soul missions, in line with your life purpose, there is an aspect, that for some of you may not yet be understood.  I know for myself over the years I have been given different statements, or affirmations, only to realize later, from a higher level of conscious awareness, that I really did not understand fully, because my context was limited.

What I am speaking about is “surrendering to your spirit self, or higher self”.  What do you think that means?  Only now, coming face to face with this, do I believe I understand.


There is only ONE of US

How do you reconcile this “surrendering”, with who you think you have always been? Even through this process of consciousness raising, and soul integration, during which our basic interest, habits, focus of attention, and viewpoints may change dramatically, we still feel as both the experiencer, and the observer.

If you are a bit younger in this lifetime, with less life experience, it might be easier.  But after reaching your sixth decade, with a relatively successful life, and in your 4th voluntary career change, with a break for mid-life crisis, and the varied life experience that implies, it is a bit different.

For me, it meant satisfying my physical identity, that with my higher self, there was really “only one of us.”

These were the words I had been guided to some years ago.  A character in a book was faced with the knowledge that they were the reincarnation of another, with whom they could communicate.  Confusion ensued. “Who am I then?”, they wrestled with.  The answer came from their previous “self”.  “Remember, there is only ONE OF US.”

This was the key for me. This was only for me to understand, and have my own identity accept and digest this truth.  Despite what is happening, the feeling of “losing my own life”, is only an illusion that before I could not see through.  There has always been only one of us.  It was just not the time, and I was not ready, even though I had repeated these words as an affirmation during my meditations over a series of years.

I also suspect that my higher self has been through this many times before, with the earlier versions of “me”.


Why We Are Here

It is often true that when we focus on “service to others”, we are then able to see ourselves more clearly, and remember why in fact, we do what we do.  And through those interactions we gain confidence, and understanding, that the better we understand ourselves, the more integrated we are, the higher our consciousness, the more connected to Source we are, the better able we are to support those who need the gifts and talents it is our life’s passion and joy to share.

For those who must address circumstances with husbands, wives, partners, family, friends, work environments, etc., it may be particularly testing.  Balancing the shifts in vibration, and perhaps observing the two realities we have now, side by side. That is when living in our own truth, and our connection to Source as our highest expression is most needed.

And as we have acknowledged the effort and energy we have put into reaching this point, how do we take that bigger step?


Becoming “The One”

For me, it meant accepting all that has gone before, internalizing the lessons, experience, knowledge and wisdom gained, and then stepping into who you were meant to be, and always have been, but had forgotten.  It means becoming “The One”.

No, this is not the big, Unity Consciousness ONE, but instead, like Neo in the Matrix, Evey, in V for Vendetta, and Aragorn, in The Lord of the Rings – “THE One.”

I realize now why so many resonated with those characters.  Some more than others.  In spite of their hesitation, and fear of being unworthy, those characters finally understood that others depended on them in order to fulfill their own respective destinies, and that they must show the courage, leadership and fortitude necessary to fully step into their own role, so that many others could fulfill theirs.

In our times of overreach, and over the top marketing and claims, this might sound like another one.  But it is not.  When faced with this choice before you of “surrendering”, who you always thought you were, into something much larger, that others will have expectations of, the burden of responsibility surfaces.

If this were purely about ego, it would be much easier.  We see this type of braggado too often.  But as an enlightened  lightworker, or lightwarrior, you better understand what is being asked of you.  You are in service to the Creator, exclusively. You understand deeply the responsibility to always reflect the highest, most loving and compassionate spiritual ideals, to be a model for others, in every “now” moment.

It also means consciously acknowledging that you already have all that you need.  You have been prepared for this.  And it means totally and completely trusting the guidance from within, your higher self, and that your own actions are for the highest good.

So in closing, when we prepare to step more fully into our soul missions, let us do so with clarity of purpose, in service to the Creator, service to others, and to ourselves. Remembering why we chose to be here at this time, with our hearts fully and consciously connected to spirit, and to the Source.


In love and light,

Archangel Chamuel